Survivingshtfmom and VaCreepinOutdoors are the dynamic duo called the Crazy Canners. There is nothing we won’t try to can and love to share our adventures in canning and dehydrating. Our interest in canning and dehydrating came about because we found an abundance of beauty berries while out scouting for deer trails locally one day when we first met. How can you let free food go? But how do you keep it ‘good’ and use it? That is where we started, making jams and jellies and syrups. It then moved on when we got married a year later and Survivingshtfmom, always looking for a way to save a dollar at the grocery store filled up her freezers with 1/2 price meats and needed a way to preserve what couldn’t be frozen…you just never know, right? And from there…well, here we are today, Survivingshtfmom and VaCreepinOutdoors canning good food, breakin’ all the rules and eattin’ good and we hope you will too!

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