Cabbage Pickle: A Canning Twist on Asian Food or Just Good Eats!

20150719_9Cabbage Pickle

I am a big fan of sauerkraut so when I was at a local farmers market and someone had quite a few large heads of cabbage I couldn’t resist and bought what he had left, 3 monster heads, probably about 2 lbs each! Great! I can make more kraut (which I tend to give away a lot of because so few people make it now). But while at the market I also found a local community cookbook just published and flipping through it, wow! A treasure of old time recipes how could I resist? So I bought that too thinking surely there will recipes I can translate into canning and sure enough, I found one called Cabbage Pickle. No, its not kraut but pickled cabbage!

Lately I have become interested in Asian food and knew this would be a great basis for many recipes since they use a lot of fermentation in their cooking and pickling is one great way to get the taste without the time involved fermenting. So into the kitchen we go

Very simple and easy to do!

Taken from “The Mixing Bowl, County of Bath Community Cookbook” 2014 edition.

Original recipe submitted by Allie Lucinda Hull whose grandmother Annie Jane Kincaid Burns made.

If interested in the original recipe please email me, and I will email you it. I adapted the original recipe to what I had on hand.

For information on how to use an electric canner please click here (coming soon!)


1 large head of Cabbage

1 large Onion

1 large Tomato

Makes approximately 8 pints of cabbage pickle

Favorite pickling solution…personally I used a new product by White House called Canning Vinegar and followed the directions on the back. Made it super easy to pickle this! (Dill Flavored)


And of course your water bath canning supplies…get it all ready to go!





Get jars and lids ready to pack.

Get pickling solution ready and keep on a simmer while you:

Dice the cabbage, onions and tomatoes to your taste. I kept mine to about 1/4 or so in size. Mix well in a bowl.






Stuff, and I mean STUFF your pink jars with the cabbage mixture to about the ½ inch mark (headspace). Don’t be afraid to really pack your jars full!

Next, ladle your hot pickling solution into the jars leaving ½ inch head space.


Wipe the rims of the jars and add lids.

Next, follow your typical canning instruction for water bath canning the traditional way for pickles, not kraut (the acidity level is for pickles so you are safe on using the pickle time).

After processing the appropriate time (10 minutes for elevations below 1,000 feet, 15 minutes for elevations above 1,000 ft) remove and allow to cool.


That simple!



After cooling we just had to try it out. Wow! Tasty by itself even but it  was really great served cold as a small side with a grilled steak too.

I can just imagine stir frying it up with some seafood or the such too over a bed or rice.

Tell me how you used this!



The Crazy Canners

Pressure Canning Homemade Sweet Saurkraut and Sausage



Homemade Sweet Saurkraut and Sausage Canned

Who doesn’t like sauerkraut? Okay, I know a few who don’t but its usually because of, well, what I shall call the ‘pucker’ factor. Its is ‘sour’ after all and most store bought kraut is very salty too. But in my quest for the ultimate, who wouldn’t like it sauerkraut I found a way to make ‘sweet’ sauerkraut and you can add whatever meat you want to it too! PLUS you can pressure can it to put up for a delicious meal or snack anytime. And as a bonus, there is no ‘waiting’ around for it to mature. Most canned sauerkraut recipes you either ferment the cabbage before canning it or are told to wait 10 days or more after canning fresh cabbage to get the ‘kraut’. But this, is instant and yummy.

What you will need:
Canning Jars (7 quart or 14 pint)

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